A Market-Group Company
Comprehensive e-commerce
marketing platform

Pioneering marketplace technologies

Data driven campaign algorithms and real-time tweaking, by the fraction of a second

Stuccomedia’s unique technology aids online merchants in promoting millions of long-tail products efficiently, driven by data and positive ROI. We establish these bonds by using a unique cloud based platform which fully automates the otherwise exhausting online advertising process. Our engine sits on top of your inventory, cleverly selects the products to advertise, and generates unique, campaigns for individual products. Automatically and without interference our engine then dictates the absolute best placement for each ad:

All at the right time
To the right audience
With the correct bids
Prophetical success prediction, radical restructuring of the media buying process
Our core technology is based on proprietary innovative algorithms which allow us to accurately predict the value of each campaign, ad, placement and user. Leveraging these tools gives us our competitive edge in a rough environment. At the heart of our system lies the ability to track and learn consumers' distinctive behavior throughout their unique journey towards the purchase of your goods or services.
Stuccomedia feeds aggregated data into self-progressing statistical models allowing us to optimize and radically simplify media buying and to predict ROI and trends prophetically. Our technology is independent of any specific market and language, giving you inordinate advantage in conquering any new market.
Experience quantifiable success using tomorrow’s marketplace technology
Developed in cooperation with first tier global e-commerce players.
On the business front, StuccoMedia is the premium affiliate of first tier e-commerce players. Our solutions have been developed in cooperation with these partners, presently driving their highest volume in terms of both sales and traffic. We have learned that in order to pioneer the world’s most innovative marketplace technologies we need the best and brightest; our 50 person team is a unique blend of brilliant PhD physicists, highly-skilled engineers and gifted developers.
When you power your e-commerce enterprise with Stucco, you take the error out of trial

No more gambling, no more waiting to see what works best.

Our technology is unprecedented, adherence to the scientific method rigorous, and intimate understanding of fluctuating markets is unrivaled.

StuccoMedia now welcomes any online store, brand and website to come get a taste of our success, ensuring rapid growth of your brand.